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Ovchinnikov Oleg Mikhailovich, Doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, professor at the sub-department of criminal law disciplines, State Humanitarian-Technological University (22 Zelenay street, Orekhovo-Zuevo, Moscow region, Russia); professor at the sub-department of operative crime detection, Vladimir Institution of Law under FPS of Russia (67E Bolshaya Nizhegorodskaya street, Vladimir, Russia),

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Background. Operative crime detection characteristics of certain types of crimes make it possible to reflect the key features of certain criminal acts, the characteristic features of secret application of forces and means of operational investigations, system comprehension of which will contribute to successful prevention and detection of crimes. The study of investigative characteristics of crimes associated with illegal arms trafficking will provide the necessary theoretical and applied basis to increase the efficiency of counteraction against the said crimes. The aim of this work is to identify patterns of crimes in the field of illegal arms trafficking.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented by analysing the relevant scientific literature on the research topic and studying the official statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.
Results. Operating crime detection characteristics of the crimes associated with illegal arms trafficking have specific features and tendencies associated with today’s realities of Russia.
Conclusions. The article establishes a necessity to further develop the questions related to the improvement of operational investigations in the field of combating illicit arms trafficking. The effective resistance to the considered crime should be organized following the current trends based on operational investigation characteristics of crimes associated with illegal arms trafficking.

Key words

operational investigation characteristic, arms trafficking, crime, industrial facilities, crime factors

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